When you need a sugar rush with an extra kick of something hyper, then give our Delta-10 Neon Gummy Bears a try. You’ll be buzzed and amped, and your creative juices will start flowing when you try the latest all-natural, hemp-derived edible infused with Delta-10 THC and a taste of Delta-8 THC.

Hyper Delta-10 THC jars contain 60 sweet and tasty gummy bears per jar, giving you a total of 1000mg of potent and powerful Delta-10 and Delta-8 THC. That’s about 16.6mg of amped-up buzz per gummy, giving you the energy you need to tackle anything the world puts in front of you. Some people prefer to be calm and relaxed. So we say, take some Delta-10 THC and get hyper!

Do not operate any vehicles or machinery while using this product. Consult a physician before using this product, especially if you take any medications. Do not use while pregnant, nursing, or when diagnosed with a health condition. Keep away from children and animals.